This year, YOU raised $111,000.00!

100% of funds raised support collaborative sarcoma research at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, Penn Veterinary School, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Donations are still welcome, so please visit and share our Giving Page!

Congratulations to our top fundraising teams!

1. Team Eugie:                                                 $6,938.26
2. Donna’s Defenders:                                     $5,224.49
3. Team Splat (Patrick Maher)                         $4,240.90
Honorable Mention: Team Paul Nappi             $4,119.64
Congratulations to our top 5K finishers!
Female                                                            Male
1. Haley Preschutti                                          1. Graham Harrison
2. Jillian Mattioni                                              2. Brian Diksa
3. Julianne Davis                                             3. Maxime Amara
Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

Save the date for our milestone 5th annual event… June 2nd, 2019!

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